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Site Description
Java Ranch Has some eXtraordinary well maintained Java Groups plus some other Java resources
JavaCaps Tutorials, Mock Exams & SCJP Certification related material.
EarthWeb.com Join a Discussion on Java Technology By Earthweb Staff
Marcus Green's Site Java Groups, Tutorials, Mock Exams .......
Java World Tips 'N Tricks on Java : A very comprehensive site
Java Report Online Up-to-date product information, the latest in Java techniques ...
Microsoft Java Recent Java developments at Microsoft
comp.lang.java FAQ The comp.lang.java FAQ List
Focus On Java Apply Now with Your Guide to One of Over 700 Sites
Java Resources Java resource List
Java Developer Every thing about Developer Certification
Sun's FAQ The FAQ is small and focuses on the certification process.
Rob's Certification Guide Everything you want to know about SCJP.
Java Tidbits Important Notes and Useful Information
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